The product includes some basic and new feature for the delivery landscape to make you get parcels delivered smart, fast and reliable.

Barcode validation

Our system uses a barcode validation for all parcels handled by Packaly. This means our couriers will always scan the parcel during store pick-up and customer delivery, ensuring precise delivery to the correct customer. We highly recommend using a unique barcode system. However, if you need to recreate an order with the same barcode (perhaps due to customer refusal, damage, or return), you can only generate another order using the same barcode after the life cycle of the previous parcel is completed. The system doesn't allow the existence of 2 active orders with the same barcode. Even if a shipment contains 2 parcels, each parcel must have a unique barcode.

Neighbour delivery

Our delivery success rate on the first attempt is quite high. We aim to maximise the number of parcels successfully delivered on the first try, and one approach is to explore the option of delivering to neighbours as well. When a courier tries to deliver a parcel and the customer is not present, the courier will try to contact at least 2 neighbours and leave the parcel with them. If the delivery is made to a neighbouring house, the courier will encounter a screen prompting them to input the neighbour's house number where the parcel was left. This action triggers an email to the customer containing the updated delivery address. Additionally, we include the house number in the webhooks sent to our clients, keeping them informed about the parcel's status.

However, if clients prefer, we can deactivate this feature. In such cases, if the courier cannot locate the customer at home, they won't have the option to deliver the parcel to a neighbour, and the parcel will be returned to the store.

Age verification

We also have the option to do an age verification or ID card check at the drop-off. This feature is mandatory especially when clients deliver alcohol and it cannot be combined with Neighbour delivery option. This can be turned on and off by clients themselves from their Company Dashboard.


The highest delivery rate in the market

On average, we have the highest drop-off rate and lowest 'lost in transit' rate in the market. Looking at market standards, our email communication makes it easy and understandable to find your parcel. We do not work with pieces of paper to locate the parcel, we send it right to your inbox.


We deliver every parcel standard insured until €1500 value. We cover this in the delivery pricing and do not charge an additional fee up to €1500 of value.

What’s Next

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