The product includes some basic and new feature for the delivery landscape to make you get parcels delivered smart, fast and reliable.

4-digit code

Our system is build on a 4-digit delivery security code. This means that when you setup the integration we send out a Track & Trace email to your customers email address. In this email we send out a 4-digit security code that customers have to give our riders to ensure they are the receiver of the parcel.


Keep the code secure

We highly recommend you to communicate this code with your company and customers in any track and trace or confirmation email on a purchase. Our 4-digit code gives a secure and highly grated result.

Neighbour delivery

Our deliveries have a high rate of first tries succeeding. We want to make sure that we deliver the most parcels at the first try so we deliver parcels also at neighbors. Right now, you cannot turn this feature off. When the rider tries to deliver the parcel and the customer is not home, the rider will go to the house next door. When delivering the parcel next door we prompt a screen to ask the address where the parcel has been delivered, which triggers an email to the customer with the new address.

Age verification

For clients that wants to do an age verification or ID card check at the drop-off we have the age verification service. This can be turned on and off by the customer success team. With age verification we can check the ID card and force our riders to check the age of a rider.


The highest delivery rate in the market

On average, we have the highest drop-off rate and lowest 'lost in transit' rate in the market. Looking at market standards, our email communication makes it easy and understandable to find your parcel. We do not work with pieces of paper to locate the parcel, we send it right to your inbox.


We deliver every parcel standard insured until €1500 value. We cover this in the delivery pricing and do not charge an additional fee up to €1500 of value.

What’s Next

Next, lets look into ways to get in touch with our support team.