Parcel guidelines

Everything you can find about the sizes of our parcels, what weight we allow them to be and what you are not allowed to do.

So, you might think that parcel guidelines is a bit over the top, but we actually have a very good reason for it. We want to make sure that when you send us your parcel through it fits in the Packaly backpack. Therefore, we set out a set of rules to follow to we know 100% sure that there will not be a surfboard pickup ready.

Parcel sizes

Our backpack has a size of 60cm (height) x 40cm (width) x 40cm (length). This means that parcels cannot be bigger than this size. To make sure that parcels fit inside the backpack, we have a sizing validator in our system build in that will tell you exactly if the sizing does not fit the backpack.

To summarise, the maximum parcel sizing possible to send through is:

  • Height: 60cm
  • Length: 40cm
  • Width: 40cm

Weight of the parcel

So, to make sure that our riders are comfortable riding parcels inside the city we set a maximum parcel weight of 15 kilo. When receiving a parcel size bigger than 15 kilo it will result in a rejection of the parcel.


Top tips

When you are implementing the API it's very important to have a good look at parcel your product sizing and parcel sizing. We scan on these sizings very well to make sure that parcels fit.

Packing the parcel

It's important to keep these 2 metrics in mind when applying our API to your platform. Next to the actual sizing that is checked by our API the process of packing a parcel is important to get the products healthy to the receiver. We always strongly advice you to pack the product in a box or bag that can handle weather conditions or transport.


Don't ship products without packaging

Sometimes, in a rare occasion we get messages from customers sending products without any parcel wrapping. We strongly recommend you not to do so, as we advice our riders not to accept the shipment.

Multi colli shipments

Currently our system does not accept multiple parcels. We take multi colli deliveries into account and let our riders report back about these shipments being created and presented to them. If the shipment fits the bag the rider might be capable of taking the parcel but has full authority to reject the shipment. When looking into multi colli shipments please contact our sales team to get a full quote on operations usage.


Get in touch for information about multi colli shipping

However our systems do not allow multi-colli shipments being created, we are able to create this feature. The multi-colli feature can be enabled by our sales team but needs to be investigated before starting to ensure the service level you expect from us.