Creating a Express vs Scheduled shipment

On the Packaly API it's rather simple to differentiate between a Express (60 minute) delivery and a Scheduled Delivery. So, why over complicate?

When creating a shipment on the API the following value needs to contain the following value:

scheduledStartTimeExpress DeliveryScheduled Delivery
This is the timestamp send in towards our system to schedule the shipment on a certain timeframe.To create an instant delivery (Express) you should NOT send any value with the creation of the Shipment. Leave the value empty.For a scheduled delivery the timeframe should be send in as following:


This will create the scheduled time of:

12-02-2021 at 10:00:00 UTC time.


Sending in a Express delivery will create an instant delivery

When sending in an Express Delivery make sure not to try on the production environment. Our riders will be send to the location and will pick-up and deliver the parcel. Testing can be done on our Acceptance environment.