API basics

Our API is REST based.

The Packaly API uses bearer auth to authenticate requests. You can request an access token by performing an authentication api call via HTTP Basic Auth to POST v1/oauth/tokens endpoint. Provide your Client ID and Client Secret in the body as the example provided in the docs.

Making API calls

In swagger, you authorize a call using the Authorize button. After clicking this button, enter the access token. On your server, use -H "Authorization: Bearer access_token".

Use Packaly's dashboard to generate and manage the API client. We recommend to keep your secret API keys secure and do not share them in publicly accessible areas or client-side code.

Spread the word, more basic information:

  • It make use of standard HTTP verbs like GET, POST, PUT and PATCH
  • Uses standard HTTP error responses to describe errors
  • Authentication and authorization are based on the OAuth 2.0 standard
  • All communication with our servers must be over SSL (https://)
  • POST data must be encoded as application/json
  • All our responses are encoded as application/json