Our delivery statuses

An overview and summary of the delivery statuses our system can give you.

The delivery status tells the customer or the connected system what the actual status of the delivery is. Because we have a high speed On-demand delivery system it's good to understand which status means what. Therefore, you can find a summary of all statuses below:

on_holdThe shipment is currently on hold in our system and waiting to be released on the designated timeslot or paused by support.
in_queueThe shipment is currently in our queue and will be assigned to the first rider that comes online or gets assigned to the shipment.
assignedThe shipment is assigned to a rider.
acceptedThe shipment is accepted by a rider.
picked_upThe shipment is picked up by a rider
pending_neighbor_delivery_requestThe shipment is being delivered at the neighbor and our system is validating the address assigned to the neighbor delivery.
returning_to_pickupThe shipment is on it's way back to the sender meaning that it did not get delivered at the customer or the neighbor.
deliveredThe shipment is delivered.
delivered_at_neighborThe shipment is delivered at the neighbor. *The address it got delivered at can be retrieved from our API web-hooks.
delivered_at_pickupThe shipment was returned to the pick-up location and got delivered there.
canceledThe shipment got cancelled.